Me Blogging The Net

Hi citizens of WordPress!!!!

I am currently writing a blog about Internet. It’s weird to hear from a person who is not a tech savvy to say that he/she is writing about Internet and its technology. But I am trying my best to put the stuffs I learnt in class (and what I got on the net) across to you people 🙂

Visit me at and give me feedbacks on my posts and how I can improve.

Thank You!!!!



Fun Fact:

I named the blog wwhatisthis125 is due to…

1) My undying obsession of Running Man.

After watching ep 108 – Don’t walk But Date, where Jae Suk told Kwang Soo that by the end of the day, he is going to say “What is this?!”, which I find extremely hilarious.

2) my class is labelled as com125.


…and there, the combination of two.