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Hi citizens of WordPress!!!!

I am currently writing a blog about Internet. It’s weird to hear from a person who is not a tech savvy to say that he/she is writing about Internet and its technology. But I am trying my best to put the stuffs I learnt in class (and what I got on the net) across to you people 🙂

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Fun Fact:

I named the blog wwhatisthis125 is due to…

1) My undying obsession of Running Man.

After watching ep 108 – Don’t walk But Date, where Jae Suk told Kwang Soo that by the end of the day, he is going to say “What is this?!”, which I find extremely hilarious.

2) my class is labelled as com125.


…and there, the combination of two.


Oh hey there stranger!

Are you annoyed by people who keep fiddling with their mobile phones when they are eating/talking with you? Would you like to encourage others to stop using their phones during social settings? If it’s yes, please “Like” our page and “Share” it with your friends @ !

Please Look Forward!


I’m working on quite a few new posts on Papersuade. If you have not know what is Papersuade, it’s a blog which focuses on persuasion techinques seen in everyday’s life! Upcoming posts will be on Liking, Commitment, Authority, Scarcity and more! For now, please join in the discussion(s) on my previous blog posts at Papersuade 🙂

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Papersuade, where persuasion begins!

This blog is filled with posts on persuasion techniques seen in everyday’s life. Read and learn the different persuasion attempts. Having an awareness of these would make you less likely to be a victim of persuasion. It’s worth the read 🙂